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SW500X4G300-5 Four Axis Industrial Robots factory

  • SW500X4G300-5 Four Axis Industrial Robots factory
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Product Abstract:

SW500X4G300-5 Four Axis Industrial Robots

Product Description

SW500X4G300-5 Four Axis Industrial Robots

It is the first multi-joint 4 axis robot in China, and SUNWIND has the full self-determination right; Be applicable to industrial, and still be normal after a long time work; Can be produce in enormous quantity; The suitable price meet the requirement of company’s cost; Be applicable for simple, repeating and small load’s portaging, and have high efficiency;

Mainly Features:

The Four Axis arm robot is a newly design of High performance of CNC product, and the mainly features as below:
  • It is belong to the first set of Four Axis Multi-joint Robot in Chinese which own the completely proprietary property rights;
  • It is applied to industrial area, which can stable operation for a long time. Can large batch production;
  • Highly cost performance, it can demand a company cost accounting requirement;
  • It is applied to simply and repeated small loading moving station, highly-efficiency, saving cost.
  • It is 500 mm arm length, X and Y axis is 250mm sperately.and, the resultant velocity for X and Y is 2.9m/s.

System Feature:

  • It is adopted high-performance controller, which can realized high speed of point position motion, space linear interpolation and air interpolation motion etc,;
  • Strongly expansibility, simply parameter configuration, easily maintenance. The function parts of Robot promised real-time control and schedule, realized linkage and interpolation for the functional component of multi servo based on high-performance Processing chip;
  • Robot interface simply, which can provide the colorfully display and monitoring information;
  • The command language system of Robot is easy leaning, which can demand most of demands of industrial.

Specifications Parameter
Axis Specs X-Axis    Arm Length/Scope 350mm / +/- 115°
Y-Axis    Arm Length/Scope 250mm / +/- 145°
Z-Axis    Effective Stroke 300mm
R-Axis    Scope + / - 360°
Speed X&Y Axis 3.3m / s
Z axis speed 0.8 m / s
R Axis speed 360° / s
Servo Specs X 400W
Y 200W
Z 200W(brake)
R 100W
Re-positioning precision X +/- 0.08mm
Y +/- 0.08mm
Z +/- 0.02mm
R +/- 0.02°
Maximum Loading 5KG
Robot weight 26KG

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