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HA006 Six Axis Industrial Robots factory

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Product Abstract:

HA006 Six Axis Industrial Robots

Product Description

HA006 Six Axis Industrial Robots

Manipulator Specifications:

Working Envelope:

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Controller Specifications:

Item Specification
Model Name Hi5
Control Hardware Multi Processor System
Execution Mode Teaching & Playback
Interpolation Type Point-to-Point, Linear, Circular
Max. Axes Max. 16 Axes Simultaneously
Number of Step 17,000 Points
External Program Selection Binary 255 / Discrete 8
Position Detector Serial Absolute Encoder
Program Back-up USB Memory
Servo Control Full Digital Servo
Digital Input / Output Max. Input : 256 / Output : 256 Points
Analog Input / Output Input : 4 ch / Output : 4 ch
Conveyor Pulse Counter Differential Input / Open Collector Input, 2ch
Communication Ethernet 100BaseT (2 Ports)
CAN User1 / User2
Serial RS232C, RS422 (RS485)
Field Bus CC-Link, Profibus-DP, Devicenet, Modbus
Rated Supply Voltage AC220V ¡À 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Max. Rated Power 8 kVA (Instant Max. 30 kVA)
Cabinet Dimmension (WxDxH) Weight 650 mm x 600 mm x 1,100 mm (Except Caster) 150 kg (Without Transformer)
Protection Classification IP54
Ambient Temperature 0 ~ 45 ˚C







  • System Configuration:
    Item Specification
    Microprocessor 32 bits RISC Processor
    Operating System Windows CE
    Display 7" Color TFT-LCD
    Operation Mode Menu Driven and Code Input/Touch Panel





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